My name is Carlos Ortiz, the creative force behind Paragram, where my love for industrial design and guitar playing coalesce. Situated in Jalisco, Mexico, Paragram represents a space where custom guitars, each a work of art, come to life.

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Every Paragram guitar is a labor of love, built from the ground up. Each piece begins with a careful selection of materials and ends with an exquisite, handcrafted instrument. We bring together modern methodologies and traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that each guitar resonates with the precise blend of innovation and heritage.

Versatility stands central to our philosophy at Paragram. We aim to create guitars that not only adapt to every style and configuration but also uphold a striking aesthetic, reflecting the individuality of the musician.

Our design ethos borrows from the simplicity of minimalism and the classic allure of mid-century design. This synthesis of contrasting elements adds to the character of our guitars, much like the diversity of notes in a harmonious melody.

Looking forward to collaborating with you, I aim to craft a guitar that aligns with your unique style and musical vision. Let's shape your dream guitar together at Paragram, transforming the melody in your mind into a beautiful, physical reality.

Here's Josh from JHS, strumming away and showcasing the nuances of guitar tones with his trusted Paragram Agave, Mastery bridge, and Lollar pickups. Dive in and experience the melody.