Hollowbody Excellence

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Starting at $850


  • +Maple Neck
  • +Maple fretboard
  • +22 Nickel Frets
  • +12" Radius
  • +25.5" Scale
  • +Modern C Neck Profile
  • +Wilkinson Pickups and Hardware

Harmonic Waves.

The Agave Standard combines the profound resonance of an acoustic guitar with the electrifying power of an electric guitar. Built with your preferred choice of materials, this guitar delivers a lush, rich tone that beautifully leverages the natural acoustics of its hollow body.

Customizable pickups flawlessly harness the vibrant tones of the guitar, transforming them into a full-bodied amplified sound full of character and depth. The carbon fiber truss rod, integral to the guitar's structure, assures unwavering resilience under the pull of string tension.

Equipped with a bridge of your choice that ensures impeccable intonation and sustain, the Agave guitar stands as a symbol of superior acoustic performance and meticulous craftsmanship. This instrument is not just a guitar, but a representation of the power of high-quality materials in delivering exceptional sound.