Agave Bass

Feel the music

Bass Guitar

Starting at $850


  • +Maple Neck
  • +Maple fretboard
  • +19 Nickel Frets
  • +12" Radius
  • +30" Scale
  • +Modern C Neck Profile
  • +Wilkinson Pickups and Hardware

Melodic Mayhem.

The Agave Standard Bass, where practicality meets musical expression. The 30" scale length design makes for a more compact, easy-to-navigate instrument without sacrificing the deep, resonant tones bassists love. It’s a perfect balance that brings together convenience and superb sound quality.

The Agave Standard Bass offers the ultimate customizable experience, with a broad selection of top-tier woods, various pickup configurations, and a range of hardware options. Every detail can be adapted to suit your unique tonal and aesthetic preferences, making the instrument an extension of your musical voice.

Within the bass, a strong truss rod guarantees unwavering stability under the pressure of heavy gauge strings. Each component, from the meticulously crafted bridge to the precision tuning machines, works in harmony to ensure your bass performs at its peak at all times. The Agave Standard Bass Guitar is a testament to flexibility, tone, and style, opening up a world of rhythmic possibilities.