Standard Bass

Feel the music

Bass Guitar

Starting at $700


  • +Maple Neck
  • +Maple fretboard
  • +19 Nickel Frets
  • +12" Radius
  • +30" Scale
  • +Modern C Neck Profile
  • +Wilkinson Pickups and Hardware

Sonic chemistry.

The Standard Bass Guitar, a symphony of precision engineering and sonic depth. The 30" scale length stands as a testament to practicality and comfortable playability, offering easier reach and less string tension. This instrument is not only easy to handle but provides a rich, warm tone that sets the rhythm for your musical composition.

The Standard Bass offers total customization, allowing you to make the instrument truly your own. From a range of high-quality wood selections to diverse pickup configurations and hardware, every facet of this bass can be tailored to meet your personal preferences and playing style.

At the core, a sturdy truss rod ensures lasting resilience, guaranteeing the bass remains stable and secure under the strain of thick bass strings. From the bridge to the tuning pegs, every component of the Standard Bass is carefully selected and installed to ensure maximum performance, guaranteeing consistency and precision at every performance